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Essential Oils for Weight Loss

 What are essential oils?

 Essential oils are the aromatic, volatile liquids found in plants that are usually extracted through steam distillation. They are found in
shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. Plants not only help maintain the ecological balance of the planet, they help
maintain our ecological balance as well. Plants have been used by humans throughout history and are intimately connected to our
physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual well-being. They work at a cellular level and are said to purify and mend cells, and
improve the action of cells that are not functioning well in the body. Their wonderful fragrances can also help balance our mood, lift
spirits, dispel negative emotions, and make our minds clear.

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How can they help with weight loss?

When we smell essential oils, they can have an immediate positive impact on our mood and appetite. Smell is the only sense
that can have a direct effect on the limbic system of the brain, which is the main center of our emotional life. The fragrances of
the oils can also penetrate the amaygdala, which is a part of the limbic system. Frequent inhalation of these aromas can
reduce appetite. Dr. Alan Hirsch’s landmark studies showed dramatic weight loss in research subjects using peppermint oil
and vanilla absolute to curb food cravings. (Hirsch A.R., Gomez R. “ Inhalation of odorants for weight reduction,” Int. J. Obes.
Vol. 18, Supplement 2, August 1994:79). In addition, the oils boost all systems of the body. When they are used to help
strengthen digestion and elimination, our body functions more effectively and weight loss happens more naturally. Some
of the oils burn fat, some boost metabolism, some balance hormone levels. All of these contribute to weight loss.

 What oils are good?

A. Lemon:
    1. Diuretic, digestive, liver and kidney cleansing, expectorant, calming.
    2. Warning: photosensitivity – stay out of sun for 24 hrs. after applying to skin that will be exposed to the sun
(also true for other citrus oils and Bergamont)

B. Grapefruit:
  1. Metabolic stimulant
  2. Diuretic
  3. Fat dissolving
  4. Cleansing for kidneys, lymphatic and vascular systems
  5. Lifts spirits

C. Lime: Decongests lymphatic system

D. Orange:
  1. Relaxant
  2. Lifts spirits

E. Tangerine:
  1. Relaxant, calming
  2. Digestive aid
  3. Promotes happiness

F. Citrus Fresh
  1. Induces relaxation
  2. stimulates right brain for greater creativity
  3. Includes orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon mandarin, spearmint

G. Peppermint
  1. Digestive aid
  2. Affects the brain’s satiety center, which triggers sense of fullness after meals
  3. May be an effective appetite suppressant when inhaled

H. Fennel
  1. Estrogen-like
  2. Digestive aid
  3. Increases metabolism

I. Ocotea
  1. Good for relaxation effect
  2. It’s complex aroma can lead to feelings of fullness
  3. May lower reduce blood sugar fluctuations

J. Slique Essence (Essential oils + Stevia)
  1. Suppresses food cravings, especially when used with other Slique products
  2. Includes ocotea, which reduces cravings and induces fullness
  3. Glucose regulator
  4. Includes grapefruit, tangerine, spearmint, lemon, ocotea, stevia
  5. Do not use in diffuser, as the stevia can impair diffuser performance

 Why use Young Living Oils?

As users of essential oils since the 1980’s, we have never found oils as powerful and pure as these oils are. This company is
based on strict standards of purity and ethics. The Seed to Seal policy demonstrates how each step assures the best quality
oils. Plants are grown and distilled on Young Living farms with totally natural farming methods. In-house and third party
testing is done on the oils before they are packaged and sold.

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What other Young Living products aid in weight loss?

Essential oil infused supplements also aid with cleansing and weight loss. A few key ones are: Slique Slim caps, Ningxia Red, Slique Tea, Essentialzyme, Comfortone, Digest and Cleanse, 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse, Cleansing Trio, Life 5, Balance Complete, and Power Meal.

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